Agrippa is a CLI that helps frontend developers generate new components without the boilerplate: in a single command, it can create all the folders and files you need in a full component, with starting code tailored to your stack.

It’s extremely easy to pick up and use in both new and existing projects, but also has a plugin system that provides customizability when it’s necessary.

To get started, visit the tutorial!

# 1. Install as dev dep
npm add -D agrippa
# 2. Create a config
npx agrippa init

# 3. Generate a component 🚀
npx agrippa gen my-first-component

Supported environments

Agrippa supports many frameworks, styling solutions, and other technologies, with more coming in the future:

  • Frameworks: React, Preact, Solid.js, React Native
    On the roadmap: Vue, Svelte, Astro, Next.js

  • Styling solutions: CSS, SCSS, JSS, Styled-components
    On the roadmap: suggest your own!

  • Testing solutions: WIP.
    On the roadmap: Jest, Vitest, react-testing-library. Suggest your own!

  • Others: Typescript
    On the roadmap: Storybook


If you like Agrippa, join us on GitHub! If you encounter any bugs or errors, or have any feature suggestions, please open an issue there!

Also, I’m not actively posting too much on Twitter (definitely not enough to maintain an Agrippa twitter page 😅), but I’d be more than happy to hear your toughts on Agrippa and discuss it with you! Find me @nitzanhen.

In any case, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome!