Agrippa’s main front-facing interface is its CLI. This page describe’s the CLI’s different commands:


agrippa init [...options]

The init command creates a fresh new config in the working directory.

This command has a single option: --bare, which is used for global installations of Agrippa.


agrippa gen <name> [...options]

The gen (or generate) command is used to generate a component.

It expects a single positional argument - the name of the component to be generated. This name can be passed in kebab case (“component-name”) or pascal case (“ComponentName”).

gen’s options are largely the same as the Config Options. A primary difference is that options passed to the CLI should be written in kebab case (though camelCase will work too).

In terms of the options themselves, the differences are:

CLI exclusive flags

Flag description
dest (destination) See Base Directories


Option Alias
framework fw
typescript ts

Flags for nested options

Option Corresponding CLI flag
styleFileOptions.module styling-module
typescriptOptions.propDeclaration ts-props-declaration
reactOptions.importReact import-react
componentOptions.exportType export-type
componentOptions.declaration declaration

In addition, the post-command flag can be set to add a post command.